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Westword is the G.P.R.C.’s free newsletter.   Published every two months it is available in various shops, libraries, community welfare offices and cafes around the city.
The magazine seeks to provide the public with the latest information on welfare entitlements, equality legislation and educational and training opportunities.
Westword also features and promotes the community and voluntary sector with a budget friendly ‘What’s On’ page, a community profile page, an Irish page and a soapbox page. The soapbox pages offers a member of the public the opportunity to air their views on a particular topic that they feel strongly about or to highlight a situation or issue that they feel is unfair or unjust.
Westword welcomes contributions from individual members of the public but we especially would like to hear from voluntary and community groups and organisations providing services to the public within the city and county. If you are involved in such a group and would like to promote and publicise an upcoming event or to highlight what your organisation does, please get in touch. You can contact the magazine through the centre or email
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