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Jobs Club

Jobs Club is open to anyone in receipt of a social welfare payment and in danger of becoming long-term unemployed.

It is a 3 week programme, runs from 9.30-12.30 Mon-Thurs, where participants will work within a group setting to seek employment.  There is €5 per day Travel Allowance (this does not affect your other benefits).job application

The 3 week programme will cover:

The relevance of a up to date C.V., what it should contain, how it should be presented to a potential employer.

Covering letters
Participants will write/type out covering letters.  Guidance will be provided using examples outlining use of grammar and use of a structured layout.   

Filling in Application forms

Points to note when filling out, hard and soft, employers application forms:

  • Answering employer ‘about you’ questionnaires
  • Personal Profile
  • On line applications

Telephone Techniques:

  • Contacting potential employers and how to speak on the phone
  • Leaving messages on answering machines/voice mail
  • Returning calls

Interview Techniques:
Interview preparation, how to present yourself, questions that you may be asked at interview.

Participants are required to attend the complete course and will actively seek employment when on the jobs club.
Access to phones, e-mail will be provided to participants while on the jobs club.

For further information, please contact: JobsClub at Galway People’s Resource Centre

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