Galway Peoples' Resource Centre

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The equality office provides information and practical help to refugees, asylum seekers, residents and other minority groups.
An advocacy service is available to anyone wishing to initiate a complaint under Equality Legislation.                                  

Equality Legislation endeavours to protect the individual against discrimination based on Age, Disability, Religion and Belief, Sexual Orientation, Transgender or Gender.                                                                                                                                                                There are three equality officers within the centre. All are trained to the highest level and all conversations are strictly confidential.
Here are some of the duties of Equality Office:
To assist, inform and empower Ethnic group into the workings of the Irish work or Social Welfare system.
To develop, promote and advance the Equality Agenda.
To provide connections that will help reduce the effect of isolation.
To identify the self-determined needs of the groups and respond to them.
To build up a level of trust with individuals or their representative groups.
To develop cohesive efficient relationships with other agencies working in this area including the WHB, One World Centre, Refugee Support Groups.
To provide services locally whilst being aware of National Policy.
To seek funding to provide classes.
To assist in WHB Appeals.
To provide information and support in seeking accommodation.
Produce a monthly report on Equality Office activities.
To assist in any fund- raising activities for the Centre.